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Authenticity is the purest expression of music. 

As a singer, songwriter and producer Eliz aims to reach the fullest potential of the truest version of her self within her music. She creates an experimental world of pop with raw emotion as the essence, promoting a spiritual journey within her performances. 

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Whats the latest news on Eliz?

Remember What You Did? Music Video came out 7th of April!

Check it out!


From a very young age Eliz has always been creative. She loved painting with bright colors and distinctive shapes. 

Today she practices songwriting and production to create an in-depth painting of music.

“I look at it as if I create a picture, and experiment with whatever comes to my mind.”

 Making demos and further collaboration with other producers help her visions come to life.


Playing from an age of eight, piano became her first main instrument, developing into composing music in an early stage of her life.


You will hear a lot of her piano compositions in her upcoming debut album.


Further, when Eliz got introduced to the world of pop, her love for production increased. 


Diving into the world of lyrics, she creates deep but relatable messages ready to be accompanied by dramatic productions and compositions.

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